Using RSS Feeds In AIWiseMind

Using RSS Feeds In AIWiseMind

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In this video I want to talk to you About setting up your RSS feed if that's What you want to use to create a Campaign with now I'll tell you right up Front I am not a huge fan of RSS feeds Myself I know a lot of people are there Are a few risks with using RSS feeds There's a lot of copyrighted content out There a lot of places don't want you Using their content but because we've Also integrated this with AI technology And it rewrites it it does make it a Little bit safer but I would recommend If you're choosing to use RSS feeds make Sure from the website that it's okay With them that you use their content to Do that with anyways so the first thing You have to do obviously in your Campaign is you're going to tick the RSS Feed box you're going to give it a name And then you're going to paste in a URL Now I have a new website here that I Just built the other day called gym Dwelling it's all based around questions Of going to the gym from news workout Routines nutrition equipment which this Here is going to be my Amazon product Reviews and product reviews from other Websites from other affiliate networks That I'm going to soon get to injury Prevention tips and FAQs so what I want To do is add a news feed here and I want All these news feeds to go into the Latest news category when we talk about

RSS feeds they can be difficult to find And this is a link that I found that has Literally hundreds of places where you Can get RSS feeds on just about any kind Of topic you can think of so just on This first page alone are everything That begins with the letter a and it's Not even finished this probably goes on For a couple Pages Let me refresh this Because I haven't used it for a minute We'll go into page two and you can see Then bees Baylor barbecue Bears Beauty so just about anything you Can think of you're going to be able to Find RSS feeds for so for me for the gym I obviously want something to do with Fitness or maybe even exercise so let's Try exercise let me go over and go to The ease okay here we're in the ease and Let's go down see if there's exercising Which I don't see so most likely we're Probably going to have to go to one that Says Fitness So let's go ahead and let's go oh I Think I just passed it I think I seen it At the bottom Right here Fitness so if we click this It's going to bring up all these blogs Now with RSS feeds now what I like about This is it tells you about one average How often articles are posted so for This one here 67 articles a week but This one is also for Men's Journal Men's Journal is a lot more than just Fitness

And exercising they have a lot of topics In there that really may not be relevant For my blog so I'm going to skip this One But this one here says breaking muscle This is exactly what I'm looking for so What I'm going to do is I'm actually Going to go to their website so I want To click on where it says and I want to try to Find if they have their RSS feed Somewhere here in their menu Or down at the bottom of their page most Of the time you're going to find it in The footer so if I scroll down to the Bottom And here it is over here you can see Right here so this is your RSS feed Symbol so if you click on it Here says RSS feeds overview so let's go Ahead and I want one based let's just do Their main feed with workouts so I'll Click on this one And of course it's not there okay well Let's try their main feed This one's here and this is what an RSS Feed looks like let me jump in here real Quick and also mention that if you go to One of these websites let's just say for Example if we open it Up You may not be able to find an RSS feed Anywhere on this page so if we just Scroll down to the bottom

You can see there it doesn't like There's anything here for an RSS feed so How do you find it Well the easiest way Is to go to Google so what I can do is Up here at the top in my URL box I can Delete the end of this So where we just have the main URL and Then I can type in RSS feeds And you can see right here bodybuilding RSS feeds right here so if we click this You can now see their page here where They have all different categories for RSS feeds and down here they have their Main article categories such as training Articles so if I click this you're going To see this is an RSS feed that we could Use Or maybe we have a supplement category So we could click this and we could copy This one and use this for a category Based on supplements to fill it up with Different type of news so don't be Afraid to use Google if you're looking For a specific RSS feed for a website or You could just go directly to Google and Type in your whatever your topic is and Then RSS feeds and see what you can find That way but let's jump back to our Other example so what you're going to do Is you're going to come up here and You're going to take this URL copy it We're going to go back to our campaign And paste it in here I want to go ahead and give it a name

And I don't want it to use the original Post title for the content title I Wanted to make it different and rewrite It to be as unique as it can so I'm Going to skip this I'm not adding any Links in this whatsoever because this Site is going to be based all around AdSense that's what I'm going to Monetize it with once it starts picking Up so I'm going to uncheck this I want to go ahead and keep add video Embeds this way it'll add some videos in There and give it some extra content I Am not going to use images anything I Can do to reduce my risks of copywriting Content being imported that's what I'm Going to do So all this here I want to keep the same And this box here we're not going to Check this yet so this is if you want to Keep checking the RSS feed for new items You can do this but you have to do a Separate campaign for it because right Now what I want to do is import the Content that's already on their RSS feed I don't know how much content they have On there but let's just say I want to go Ahead and do 25 so I'm going to do 25 And I want to go ahead and publish on a Schedule and for this one I'm going to Do five a day So because I'm taking the existing Content already on their website and Scheduling it out I can't do this one

Too I can't keep checking RSS feeds for New feeds unless I create a new campaign Just for this one so what I could do is Go back to my campaigns do a new Campaign do everything that I just did In this one and then come down and tick This box and then when it does that what It's going to do is only check for new Items that show up in that RSS feed so You can have two separate campaigns Running at once if you want to and That's probably what I'll do next but For now we'll go ahead and do this and Then if you're planning on running Multiple campaigns with this RSS feed You may want to tick this box that way It doesn't post the same content twice I'm going to go ahead and select my Website and then down here I'm not going To have it to generate any featured Images I'll have it generate tags it I Don't want it to Auto generate the Category I'm going to pick one Which is going to be the latest news And we're going to leave it just like This and we're going to save it and run It so now we can see that the first Article is already running and then it Has the other ones here that are Scheduled to go out so I'm going to go Ahead and tick this and I'm just going To go ahead and select the other nine That's on this page and we're going to Run those two

So this is going to give us 10 full Articles on news it's going to be added To our website so we'll give it a few Minutes here to finish and see what it Looks like you can see there's two of Them already published so let's go check Them out The first one It adds a video in with it And then this is the second one A guide to calculating your daily Caloric intake so this is a really good Article and if it gets ranked well this Could bring in a lot of extra traffic it Has a nice video here related how many Calories should you eat to lose fat and Then some content to go with it so That's all you have to do for the RSS Feeds just keep in mind the copyright Issues with the content and the images Instead you get highly relevant articles Like this one here where you have this Title that matches with this video and You don't have to worry about the images That comes on here and those being Copyrighted so that's it for the RSS Feeds guys go and enjoy them

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