AIWiseMind: Internal Linking Feature

AIWiseMind: Internal Linking Feature

Welcome to our blog post about AIWiseMind’s Internal Linking Feature! In this digital age where information is abundant, it has become crucial for website owners and content creators to optimize their content for search engines. One effective way to elevate your website’s ranking and enhance user experience is through internal linking. AIWiseMind’s Internal Linking Feature is a game-changer, providing an automated and intelligent solution to boost your website’s organic traffic and improve navigation. Get ready to dive into the world of internal linking and discover how AIWiseMind can revolutionize your content strategy.

AIWiseMind: Internal Linking Feature


In the ever-evolving world of search engine optimization (SEO) and website ranking, staying ahead of the game is crucial. AI Wise Mind, a cutting-edge AI software, has introduced an exciting new feature called internal linking that promises to revolutionize the way we optimize our websites. In this article, we will delve deeper into the benefits, functionalities, and potential impact of this game-changing internal linking feature.

Understanding Internal Linking for SEO

Internal linking, as the name suggests, involves linking relevant pages within a website. These links are essential for both search engines and users as they help establish a logical structure and improve navigation. With AI Wise Mind’s internal linking feature, this process becomes automatic, saving valuable time and effort for content creators and website owners.

How Does Internal Linking Work?

  • AI Wise Mind’s internal linking feature generates internal links based on the existing articles on your website.
  • To enable this feature, make sure to select the “post to WordPress” checkbox at the bottom of the campaign.
  • The software utilizes the power of GPT-4, one of the latest advancements in AI technology, to generate relevant internal links.
  • It is important to note that using GPT-4 incurs additional costs, approximately 10 to 15 cents per article, paid to Open AI, the creators of GPT-4.

Advantages of AI Wise Mind’s Internal Linking Feature

  1. Improved Website Structure: Internal linking helps organize your website’s content and establishes a hierarchy, making it easier for search engines and users to navigate.

  2. Higher Rankings: When search engines crawl your website, they take into account the interlinking of pages. By utilizing the internal linking feature, you can enhance your website’s SEO and potentially improve your rankings.

  3. Increased Visitor Engagement: Well-placed internal links encourage users to explore related content within your website. This not only increases the time they spend on your website but also reduces bounce rates.

  4. Enhanced User Experience: Internal links make it easier for visitors to find relevant information, creating a seamless browsing experience. Users are more likely to stay on your website if they can easily navigate between pages.

Important Things to Consider

  • The number of internal links added to your articles depends on the type and volume of content on your website.
  • New websites with a limited number of posts may not find relevant content to link to initially.

Example of a Campaign Using AI Wise Mind’s Internal Linking Feature

Let’s consider a hypothetical campaign for a website specializing in providing information about first-time cruises. AI Wise Mind’s internal linking feature would automatically generate internal links for articles related to this topic. For instance:

  • In an article discussing the best cruise destinations, relevant internal links could be added to guide readers to articles about the top cruise lines and travel tips for first-time cruisers.

  • In an article about packing essentials for a cruise vacation, internal links could direct readers to related articles on what to wear for formal nights or how to choose shore excursions.

With just a few clicks, AI Wise Mind’s internal linking feature takes care of the tedious task of creating and manually inserting internal links, saving you time and resources.


AI Wise Mind’s internal linking feature is a powerful asset for anyone seeking to improve their website’s SEO and user experience. By harnessing the capabilities of GPT-4, this feature automatically generates internal links, streamlining the process and enabling users to focus on creating quality content. Whether you have a brand new website or an established one, implementing internal linking through AI Wise Mind can have a significant impact on your website’s visibility and rankings.


  1. How much does AI Wise Mind’s internal linking feature cost?

    • The cost of using the internal linking feature is approximately 10 to 15 cents per article, which is paid to Open AI for utilizing the GPT-4 technology.
  2. Can I use the internal linking feature for a website with limited posts?

    • Yes, you can still benefit from the internal linking feature; however, the number of internal links added may be limited initially if you have a new website with a few posts.
  3. How does AI Wise Mind determine which internal links to add?

    • AI Wise Mind generates internal links based on the existing articles on your website, ensuring relevance and coherence between pages.
  4. How do I access the GPT-4 API for using AI Wise Mind’s internal linking feature?

    • To access the GPT-4 API, navigate to the settings section of AI Wise Mind, and save the API key again, ensuring successful payment to Open AI.
  5. Can the cost of using the internal linking feature add up for campaigns with multiple posts?

    • Yes, it is important to consider the cumulative costs when running campaigns with numerous posts. The additional cost for utilizing GPT-4 can accumulate depending on the scale of your campaign.

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