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Cryptomate Review

Done For You” CRYPTOCURRENCY Affiliate Sites!!

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    What Is Cryptomate?

    Cryptomate is a new Web based software that create fully automated Cryptocurrency Website.

    You might not know this but some off the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, like Coinbase and Binance have affiliate programs, and boy do they pay out bigtime.

    In fact top exchanges like Binance will pay us up to an incredible 40 or even 50% of all LIFFETIME profits they make from anyone we refer to them!

    Just think about that, after just a few referrals as a crypto affiliate we could make tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions every single month, for life! 

    And even better we can even choose to receive payment in bitcoin too!

    Bitcoin is booming right now, going up 600% in the past 12 months alone. Just think we could be getting paid in bitcoin every single day, sharing a huge 50% of crypto currency exchange profits, on total autopilot. 

    If just one bitcoin is worth a staggering tens of thousands of dollars today, who knows, in a few years just one bitcoin could be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions  of dollars, 

    “Making us very very rich.”

    And with so many people going crazy for crypto right now, searching for info and news on their favourite cryptocurrencies, it seems to me like..



    • Just 1 click to create a FULLY AUTOMATED CRYPTO affiliate site!
    • 100% original content created and posted to your site EVERY DAY!
    • 50% LIFETIME COMMISSIONS From Coinbase and Binance
    • We Get PAID In Bitcoin!


    having your own crypto affiliate site might be a HUGE earning opportunity right now, its clear that it also sounds like a serious amount of work to get off the ground.

    I don’t know about you, but it sounds way too hard, way too time consuming and way too difficult to me.

    So that’s why I created Cryptomate. 

    Everything you could ever possibly need to succeed online as a marketer in the big paying crypto niche… Hosting, A Website, Content, Lifetime Revenue Sharing Monetization AND even an Autoresponder service all in one incredible breakthrough app!

    • Rank higher and higher on Google automatically EVERY DAY!
    • Earn our lifetime crypto affiliate commissions in Bitcoin!
    • 100% Newbie friendly. No complicated setup. Just ONE CLICK and it’s all done!
    • Plus UNLIMITED Autoresponder fully integrated!

    CryptoMate Bonus Suite


    Premium Bonus#1 : YT Supremacy

    • This is a 100% newbie-friendly method.
    • We’ll show you the exact method we use to earn $1,000’s per month from affiliate marketing on YouTube.
    • Learn how to rank videos in YouTube and Google to get more FREE traffic.
    • You don’t need to show your face on camera!
    • You don’t need hosting, a website, or an email list.
    • Free Traffic – No paid ads.
    • Become an authority, recognized professional and trusted video marketer in your niche.
    • Today’s work can reward you for years to come!

    Premium Bonus#2 : WP Affiliate Suite:


    “I show you step-by-step… as you watch me build a brand new
    affiliate site and rank #1 for multiple keywords in less than a week!“

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